Sunday, April 22, 2018

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/22/18

Hello Friends!

I hope you had a great week this week and were able to get in some time for yourself and maybe some stitching for Hermitting Weekend!

This weekend was Hermitting Weekend for stitchers. It is like a big stitch in but you stitch from the comfort of your favorite spot. You can click on the IHSW icon above to learn more about hermitting!

I was able to get in some stitchy time and worked on my first ever biscornu!


(left side)
From My Heart To Yours
Designer - Carla Rizzie

(right side)
Hearts All Around
Designer - Faithfully Stitching Designs
Progress as of 04/22/18

I received the chart, fabric (which was already cut into two small squares) and floss from a good friend who didn't want to stitch it way back in 2010 or 2011. I started it then but soon got bored with it and into the pile it went. Now as I am TRYING to empty the WIP Box of projects this one came up in rotation. Looking at the chart I realized there was NO possible way it was going to fit on that small piece of aida. Why didn't I realize that way back then? Who knows; maybe I had plans to change it then but since it was at the bottom of the box for so long I can't remember! 

Ok... back on track! I changed the things I wanted to change on the chart I had and finished one of  the squares. I was just going to stitch it twice, once for the top and then again for the bottom but once I finished the first square I changed my mind. So I opened up PC Stitch and designed a simple square that could be the other side! It will look just like what you see on the right side, just flipped around to form the square. Then will be the tricky assembly but that will be for another week as it is time to put this back in the box and move on to the next thing.

So that brings me to the WIP Box. I think I have made an executive decision (since it is only me, I wasn't overruled!) about the four UFOs still left untouched in the box! Since I still have some new starts (and who doesn't prefer a NEW start to a UFO) I will work in the remaining UFOs when something is finished and moved out. I started feeling that I might NEVER get anything finished since it is hard to work on 18 different pieces and it seems as though it takes to long to get back to each project!

Next weekend will be WIPocalypse weekend!!
I hope you'll join in!

Well that was a long post, so I will go for now!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

It's a Puzzling Day 04/19/18

The Dogshow
Piece Count - 1,500
Size 35 x 23
Used Puzzle
First Piece 04/06/18
Last Piece 04/19/18

These are fun puzzles to put together! The artist hides different things in the puzzle when he draws his pictures. There is a caricature of himself, a sharks fin, a saw, Saint Nicholas, dentures, miscellaneous hands and eyes all over the place. Finding them is almost as much fun as putting the puzzle together. 

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and see ya soon!


It was TUSAL day on the 16th and here is how
my Jar of  Orts looked this month!

Next New Moon and TUSAL date will be May 15
You can go over to the
It's Daffycat blog to learn more!

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see ya Sunday!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

My Sunday Stitchy Update 04/15/18

Happy Sunday Everyone! 

I hope you had an awesome week; I did!! 

Rachel, The Ten Hour Stitcher had a blogoversary giveaway not to long ago and I was the lucky winner! I asked for the GC to be for my favorite online store, Stoney Creek where you can always get a great bargain! Anyways... this week I received my order and here are my goodies.  

They had the fabric on clearance for half price and one of them will be just the right size for the HaED I want to start this year! YAY I also got this cute bunny chart (I collect bunnies) Happy Easter by From the Heart and the Lizzie Kate Snowy String. Can't wait to stitch them both!


Now for the stitchy update... This week I stitched Christmas Rules and got in two rules!

Christmas Rules
Honor Traditions
Rule Four
Designer - Lizzie*Kate
Progress as of 04/12/18

Give Santa Cookies
Rule Five
Progress as of 04/15/18

I am stitching this piece for the Christmas Ornie SAL 2018

Rule Four will be for April and Rule Five will be my May entry.

Now to see what is up next in the good old WIP Box!

Don't forget that next weekend is
International Hermit & Stitch Weekend!
Please join in with other stitchers on either
and have a stitchy weekend!

Thanks for taking a peek at my stitching
see ya next week with another faithful update!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Puzzling Wednesday 04/11/18

Well after that massive puzzle it should come as no surprise that I decided to do a small quick one next! 

This was a fun one.

La Galleria Del Corvo
Artist - Guido Borelli
Piece Count - 500
Size 18 x 24
New Puzzle
First Piece 04/02/18
Last Piece 04/05/18


I am so EXCITED! I was moving furniture around near my puzzling space and I FOUND the missing piece for the North American Skyline puzzle. I am building another puzzle on top of it again so I couldn't get an updated picture but hopefully I will soon. 

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see ya next time!